Bringing a Strengths-Based Focus to Our Services

Family Transformations is passionate about providing solutions based services to at risk families with a strengths based approach.
We have 15 years of experience and cover a wide-range of risk factors with our clients. Our clients have a higher probability of reunification because we offer support, education, role modeling and community resources.
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Reunifying Families is Our Primary Goal

Family Transformations - located in Kansas City, MO - is primarily concerned with reunifying families helping everyone involved, from social workers to parents.

Family Transformations has 15 years of first-hand experience in working with at risk families covering a wide range of risk factors. Family Transformations, uses a strength-based approach with our clients resulting in a greater number of reunifications for families with children in alternative care. Family Transformations is also highly successful in providing intentional family centered services with lasting positive outcomes.

A dedicated, well-educated, and experienced professional

11672158_269x403Colleen Huff graduated with honors in the field of Family and Child Development. She was a Certified Parent Educator with the Kansas City, MO, Public school system for 12 years and has 15 years of first-hand experience in working with at-risk families in the Kansas City metro area.

Our agency, Family Transformations, also provides a variety of other family-centered services and participates in team meetings and court hearings for our clients. We also provide observation, progress, and court reports that are specific, objective, and concise. We believe that a positive approach promotes learning and change; therefore, we treat our clients with respect and dignity. As a result, our clients feel empowered versus defeated, despite their deficits and they begin to believe in themselves, translating into a greater percentage of family reunifications.


We Provide:

  • Education
  • Role-Modeling
  • Support
  • Resources

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